A is for Asparagus


A sure sign of Spring: asparagus poking through. Yet, here comes more in the middle of July! Not only does fresh-picked asparagus taste better than anything you can buy, but it adds all kinds of possibilities for people who care about design aesthetics. A herbaceous perennial, asparagus is one of those gifts that after you do the initial work of planting it, it keeps on giving back. Asparagus provides stalks first that then billow out into wispy green ferns making it a great plant along a border.

To grow asparagus, find a source for asparagus crowns. Plant the crowns in ditches in well-draining soil. Asparagus crowns will rot if the soil is too wet.

We’ve been growing asparagus for several years now and not once have we brought them inside to cook. The stalks get eaten in the yard, uncooked, every time. Asparagus makes the Environmental Working Group’s Clean 15 list meaning asparagus has a relatively low pesticide load. If you don’t have the space, go ahead and buy asparagus at the market.


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