It all started at A

The A B Cs began in my mind several years ago.  It began as an idea for a childrens’ book in July 2007, before having a child of my own had even entered my mind. I envisioned an “Everything you need to know about life you learn in kindergarten”-type book; ironically, it has turned quiet literally into a “kindergarden.” And as my garden continues to evolve, so have my ideas, including what I believe I can contribute to make the world a little better place for kids and kid gardeners.

I began in 2007 with some of what I believe are universal premises of gardening. They follow; I still believe these truths parallel life, but minus the practical advice and ideas that I want to share.

*Nothing grows well or is healthy in stressful conditions. That’s true in any garden, except for perhaps weeds. But that’s my point.

*Even the strongest tree needs support

*Looks don’t matter

*We need others around us

*Everything that comes out of the garden can go back into it, except disease

*Once you’ve got it all figured out, all your problems solved, you’re about to knocked upside down again


About master kindergardener

Santa Clara County Master Gardener since 2007, Mom since 2009, Gardener since birth.
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One Response to It all started at A

  1. Carissa Hobbs says:

    Love it!! Can’t wait to A to Z.

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